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A Blog Post about Blogging: 4 Reasons Your Business Should Start Blogging Now

Is there a better (or more ironic) way to start a blog series, than to blog about blogging? There’s a reason why 45% of marketers stick to their guns when they claim that blogging is the single most important tool in their digital content toolbox: it just works. If you tick the right boxes and follow best practices, blogging has the potential to boost a company’s SEO rankings, drive positive ROI and equally as important, deliver high-quality content to the audiences that matter. Read on to discover five key reasons your business should jump on the blogging bandwagon:

1. Blogging Drives More Traffic - SEO Boost

While blogging at first may appear as extra content for your audience to feast on, many businesses use blogging for the sole purpose to boost SEO rankings. In fact, websites with a blog tend to have 434% more pages indexed by Google. If you optimise your content for the right terms and employ highly relevant backlinks, blogs can gain real traction for your website’s rankings. And ask any business online, and they’ll agree with the blatant truth: SEO boosts conversions.

2. Blogs Positive Influence Conversions & Your ROI

Marketers and businesses alike who blog are 13 times more likely to produce a positive ROI than those who don’t. When you connect the dots between blogging and SEO, there’s often a tangible impact on a company’s conversion funnel: When a customer clicks on a blog, they’re likely to have unawaringly started their path to purchase.

3. Blogs Integrate Perfectly with Social Media and Digital Marketing

Blogs can also contribute to any brand’s online presence, by offering the ability to reshare blog posts via other social media channels. The relationship between the two is simple, yet brilliant: “Blog content drives website visitors to your website via social channels” And yep, you guessed it: this relationship also contributes to your SEO authority & rankings. To add to this, blogging has the potential to integrate into your digital marketing efforts, where you can create customer lists based on blog topics and remarket specific ads to these lists. The platform potential expands vastly, including platforms like Facebook, Instagram, email marketing (MailChimp), Twitter, SEM and more.

4. Blogging Builds your Brand Personality

The fundamental yet often overlooked dark horse of blogging, is its ability to develop a unique brand personality. The days where businesses only required a perfect product to succeed have passed. When you compete online in a highly saturated marketplace, you often need your brand’s unique voice to cut through the clutter; and blogs exist as a megaphone. Digital is the game where you have to constantly have to stay one step ahead of the pack to stay afloat. We’re not screaming that you need a blog to succeed, but based upon the benefits identified above, it’s a heck of a lot easier to do digital right with a blog.