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Getting Started With Facebook - Digital Marketing Part 1

Digital marketing is quickly becoming the dominant method for businesses to get their brand message out there. Yet it often seems daunting to newcomers. So we made this series to bring you up to speed. By the end you’ll know more then 90% of the population about digital marketing! You can follow along here or listen to the Devote Digital Marketing Podcast. The first topic we’re tackling is how to get started on Facebook. 

Why do I need to be on Facebook?

The most important rule of marketing is to be in front of people where their attention is. Facebook is the digital giant in the social media space. With over two billion monthly users it’s the best place to reach your customers. Treat Facebook like the resume of your business: a first stop for consumers to research you. With a history of quality brand messages you can turn potential customers into purchasers. What’s great is it’s free! Unlike paying to be listed in the Yellow Pages or in a newspaper.

What do I post to Facebook?

What users see in their feed is determined by a piece of software called the “Facebook Algorithm.” The most important thing to keep in mind is social media platforms are built to protect user experience. Without a large base of engaged users these platforms die. Therefore, content users find interesting and engaging will be prioritised. So, the most important question to ask yourself is: “is it interesting to my audience?” There are also a few general things to avoid when posting. Never post an image covered in text. If more then 20% of an image is text Facebook will suppress the post. This tool provided by Facebook will allow you to make sure you’re within guidelines. Never post a link without a preview; users won’t know where you’re sending them and Facebook will avoid pushing it. Facebook doesn’t like sending traffic off its site, so do as much as possible on your page. Finally, avoid clickbait language in your posts. Particularly language that seems too sale focused. Words like sale, price or huge savings.

How often do you post on Facebook?

Ideally, it’s best to post more often than not. Facebook doesn't want to promote pages that stop for long periods of time. Consistency is key! If you have the content, posting once a day is a good place to start. When starting out be careful not to post all your good ideas at once. The algorithm promotes pages posting quality content, consistently.

How do I know what to post more or less of on Facebook?

In the beginning it can be hard to know what you should be posting. The best advice we have is to just start posting what you find interesting. Once you begin gaining followers you’ll quickly know what they best respond too. Keep in mind that there may well be segments that respond best to different types of content: posts, videos, questions etc. Posting a variety of content over the week will help satisfy all segments of your audience. If one weekly quality post is all you have, then stick to just that. The algorithm will reward you more then making several mediocre ones.

How to be social on Facebook?

If someone walked into your store and said something you wouldn’t just ignore them. Facebook works the same. Make sure you’re replying to comments and questions on your posts! You don’t have to be too formal, a conversational tone works best. Emoji’s are fine and you don’t need to sign off with "yours sincerely" or “kind regards.”

What is the ROI of organic social media?

ROI? What Even Is ROI? This is one of the harder questions we get asked here at Devote Digital. It’s often difficult to put an exact monetary value on a business page. However, even if you can’t immediately measure its impact, there are benefits. Facebook now allows you to put people who engage with your posts into audiences. These audiences can be used to nurture followers into lifetime customers. Getting engagement is harder the longer Facebook is around, so it's best to start sooner rather then later! Once you've set up your Facebook page and started posting, don't expect an immediate ROI. The ROI will come once you begin #DoingDigitalRight. Listen to the net 5 eps of the Devote Digital Marketing Podcast and you'll be well on your way to getting that ROI. We hope this helps give you an introduction into how Facebook Pages can be best used to help your business grow!