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How to Set Up Instagram Shopping

The long-awaited Instagram shopping has arrived. Today, Instagram launched its new shopping feature which, for eCommerce retailers is a huge deal. 

how to set up Instagram Shopping

This feature will change the way users interact and engage with the platform. Gone are the days of having to type "check out the link in our bio" in an attempt to get users to make a purchase, now users will simply tap the image and with a few easy clicks they'll be at the checkout.

What is Shopping on Instagram?

Instagram Shopping is all about 'Shopping the look'. These days people want to be able to scroll through their insta feed and if they see something they like whether that's a new pair of jeans or a new surfboard, they want to be able to buy it. Instagrams new shopping does just that. This new feature quite simply lets users browse images on Instagram and within a few taps of their fingers, they can then be on the checkout page on your website, ready to make a purchase.

How Do I Set Up Shopping On Instagram?

That's the golden question that  you're all asking...and we have the answers. 

Before you get started there a few things that you need to have before Instagram will unlock the gold:

  • You must sell physical goods
  • Your business must be in one of the following locations: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain or Brazil
  • You must have a Business Instagram Profile
  • Your Instagram account must be associated with a Facebook page that has a Facebook catalog

If you have all these things, the next steps are easy!

  1. Create a new post as you normally would, when you get the section where you would add the caption click tag products
  2. It will then give you a welcome screen click continue
  3. Now you just need to select the product catalog that you want to use. These catalogs are created in your Facebook Business Manager
  4. Once you have your catalog, click done and the setup is complete
  5. To tag your product in the image, tap the image and start typing the name of the product, when your product appears in the list, simply tap it.
  6. Complete the remainder of the post as usual.

Once you've created the post, it's only a couple of quick clicks before a user is at the checkout ready to purchase that product. 

Thanks, Instagram Shopping!