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How To Share A Custom Facebook Audience in Business Manager

Facebook custom audiences are powerful to any business. Not only can you use them to target people who matter to your business while advertising… You can also share them with other business managers! This serves particularly beneficial to businesses running partnered promotions, or suppliers who wish to advertise via supplier pages. While it might sound prone to security issues, the process is both secure and easy. Let’s get to it! Follow the steps below to share your Facebook audiences in Business Manager in a matter of minutes.

Step 1:

Login to your Facebook Business Manager, and navigate to “Audiences”.


Find the audience you wish to share. Check the box to the left of the audience name that you wish to share.


Click the “Actions” dropdown. Then, click “Share


Enter the Ad Account ID or Names of the people that you wish to share you Facebook audience with, and click when Facebook verifies your entry as valid.


Adjust the permissions settings by clicking the dropdown “Permissions”. Here, you decide whether you want the audience receiver to be able to access “Targeting and Insights” or “Targeting Only”. Once complete, click “Share”. It’s that simple! Here are a few pointers to note:
  • You cannot share “Saved Audiences”
  • You cannot create “Lookalike Audiences” using “Shared Audiences”