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How To Upload A Facebook Cover Video!

What is a cover video, you ask? Well, head over to any Facebook page and you'll see a rather wide image that spans across your browser. For most pages, this will be a static image that might feature a storefront, a promotion or perhaps a lifestyle image that compliments the brand. In any case, using a cover video will help you stand out from the crowd and really engage with the people who find themselves on your Facebook page!

If you've ever changed your Facebook cover photo then you'll quickly notice that it's not much different to uploading a cover video! There's just a couple of things you should know before you begin; make sure your video is at least 820 x 312 pixels, (although the recommended size is 820 x 462 pixels) and runs for anywhere between 20 to 90 seconds!  All set? Let jump right into it! 


STEP 2: Hover over your Existing Cover Photo & Click on the "Change Cover" button in the top left

STEP 3: Choose 'Upload Photo/video' from the dropdown menu

STEP 4: Find Your Video file and Hit open - Your Video should begin uploading

STEP 5: Once it's finished uploading, drag your cover video to reposition it (if required) then hit next

STEP 6: Choose a Thumbnail using the white arrows on either side of the cover photo. Here, you'll also be able to decided if you'd like the video to loop indefinitely. In most cases, we'd recommend leaving this on. Once that's complete, hit publish and that's it!

Now you can sit back and enjoy the new look of your Facebook page! Let's be honest, there's just something about a cover video that really catches your attention and breathes life into your page! Now, keep in mind that if your cover video has an audio track, it will NOT play automatically. When someone visits your page, they'll be able to control the volume with a little volume slider at the bottom right of the cover video!