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How To Video Series: How To Create Dynamic Facebook Remarketing Ads

Welcome to Devote Digital's How To Video Series! On a regular basis, we'll be sharing with you how to videos of the hottest tips and tricks in the world of digital marketing and design. First up: How to create dynamic Facebook remarketing ads. Watch the YouTube video below for a 5 minute walk through of creating a dynamic carousel. Prefer text instead? No worries - scroll down for a text alternative below! Facebook carousels ads are an affordable way to market products on Facebook, where you can showcase up to ten images or videos within a single ad, each with its own link. An underlying problem exists with the ad format unfortunately: whenever a products price, name, stock levels or URL change, you’ve got to manually change ALL of your ads tiles.
Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 5.57.09 pm
Here's an example of an old school carousel (i.e. manual updates)
That was until the beautiful notion of ‘dynamic ads’ came around. What is a dynamic ad, exactly? A Facebook ad that syncs product information directly from your website, AUTOMATICALLY! You read it right: Facebook dynamic ads sync your products’ names, images, prices, stock levels and links automatically and assures that your customer never sees an ad with incorrect product information. “It’s working smarter; not harder.” In the duration of a few minutes, we’ll be going through and creating how to create dynamic product ads that feed products directly from your website to your Facebook ads. It’s worth noting before we begin, that your eCommerce platform must be one of Facebook’s partners. These include Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and WooCommerce; if you’re using other platforms, don’t stress! They will likely be integrated in time. Okay, let’s jump into it.

Before You Start: Upload your product catalog to Facebook.

Unfortunately this process cannot be covered in a few minutes, so instead we’ve linked you to a brilliant article to assist you instead. Click the link or Mac to view this one!

Method 1: Campaign Level - “Catalog Sales”

The easiest and by far quickest way to create dynamic product ads is at the campaign level. This method is based around the "catalog sales" campaign objective.


1. Go to ads manager 2. Create campaign 3. Choose “Catalog Sales” as your marketing objective 4. Choose the catalog you wish to promote 5. When creating in the ad set level, choose the product set you wish to promote (e.g. “scuba fins”). This data is synced all through your eCommerce platform. 6. Choose the audience you wish to target. This can include web visitors who have: a)     Viewed or added to cart products from your promoted product set (e.g. “scuba fins”) on your website but not purchased. This type of audience is known as a “remarketing” audience. b)     Added to cart but not purchased. This type of audience is commonly used for “abandoned cart campaigns”. Typically, businesses advertise to these audiences with ads that refer to returning back to their cart, whether it be through an incentive (i.e. promotional discount code) or content. c)     Upsell products d)     Cross-sell products e)     Custom combination 7. Edit your ad placements (at Devote Digital, we tend to stick with Facebook News Feeds ads, and Instagram Feed ads) 8. Choose your budget 9. Edit your ad creative: a)     Choose your relevant Facebook/Instagram page b)     Choose your format (it’s STRONGLY recommended to choose “Carousel” - this will show multiple products from your product set at the same cost as showing a single image/product) c)     Choose your creative options (image/video before products/card at the end with your Page profile picture/add a map card showing your nearest business locations) d)     Add an overlay to your images, if you wish (we STRONGLY recommend!) e)     Choose the “see more URL” you wish to promote (note: individual product cards link to product pages; the final “page profile picture” card links to this “see more URL”) f)     Enter the text for your carousel ad g)     Chose pre-determined tags (usually set automatically by your eCommerce platform/plug in) for your headline (e.g. “[product_name]”) h)     Choose pre-determined tags for the link description (e.g. “[product_current_price] RRP [product_price]”) i)     Choose your call to action button (e.g. “Shop Now”) 10. Sit back an enjoy the benefits of automation

Method 2: Ad Set Level - Any Campaign Objective

1. Choose your desired campaign (any objective) and ad set 2. Click on "create ad" 3. Edit your ad create (almost identical to the ad creation process in method 1, with a slight variation) a)     Choose your desired ad format (carousel, collection etc) b)     If carousel, click the “fill template dynamically from a product set” under the “links” heading c)     Follow the same ad create steps as above (Method 1 > Step 9) And that’s it! You’ve just stepped up your eCommerce game by a whole mile, where you no longer have to update your Facebook carousel ads manually.