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Tightening the Vice of Facebook Ad Transparency: The Change Coming to Businesses

The decision is final: Facebook advertising information is soon to be a new level of transparent. Facebook recently announced that they’re tightening the vice of advertising information to increase transparency. Mark Zuckerberg recently announced that in the wake of unauthorised Russian interference within US elections, the company plans to better enforce Facebook’s advertising environment. Without a doubt, this will minimise political ads in violation of Facebook guidelines; but what does it it mean for businesses and digital marketers?

The Impact: Businesses & Digital Marketers

Within the next few months, Facebook businesses and pages that advertising will have to provide a new level of ad transparency. Facebook users will be able to click “View Ads” on any page, and be able to see all active ads that the page is running on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger: The requirements for political ads are extremely transparent, where information on the type of consumer targeted, impressions received, amounts spent and source of funding must be disclosed. While general ad requirements are not as transparent as the political variety, businesses alike will soon have to display all of the active ads they are running, and consumers will have full access to view them regardless of whether they’re within the intended target audience or not.

The Future: Keep One Step Ahead

In the world of digital marketing, the landscape is never static; change is part of the game, and to survive you must adapt. Our thoughts? Bring on the change! Move fast and ensure your little book of tricks change every day, so if the best someone else can do is copy then they'll always be one step behind. And if you're always one step behind in Digital, you're not even in the race!