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E-commerce Growth

Adreno Spearfishing.

ADRENO Spearfishing is the biggest brand under the ADRENO family of brands. 

Since its inception in 2001, ADRENO has gone from strength to strength, growing from a single small warehouse in the Eastern suburbs of Brisbane, into an omni-channel national brand with a Shopify Plus eCommerce store as well as four large retail stores in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth - all of which we have proudly orchestrated the Grand Opening campaigns for, resulting in line-ups of over 500 people at every store opening.

They bring the largest range of the best spearfishing gear to Australia, and they are now the biggest spearfishing gear provider in the world. 

We have also assisted in the development and rollout of their own branded range of gear, which provides quality innovative products at a higher GP Margin percentage.

Adreno Spearfishing.

ADRENO wants to be the number one destination for spearfishing gear and grow their revenue by 15% YOY every year. Being omni-channel, our strategies must grow both in-store foot traffic as well as online traffic, conversion rate, and purchase frequency. In addition to selling physical products and nurturing the community, we have developed ADRENO’s online spearfishing course including all video content, as well as running campaigns to promote local and international spearfishing trips.

Adreno Spearfishing.

ADRENO’s brand awareness in the spearfishing market is already relatively high - however, newcomers to the sport don’t necessarily know that there is a store dedicated to spearfishing. Therefore, new customer acquisition by identifying and targeting questions likely to be asked by new spearos at the time they are asking them is imperative to developing an early relationship of trust and authority with newcomers to the sport. The key objectives are to grow the sport, educate new and existing spearos through content creation, and foster community engagement to create a stellar brand presence. Our in-house content team consistently adds to ADRENO’s bank of fantastic how-to videos and online spearfishing content to add as much value as possible to spearos around Australia, ensuring we remain the trusted authority in spearfishing.

Adreno Spearfishing.

Since starting work with ADRENO we have consistently grown their in-store and online revenue year on year, by focusing on a customer-first mentality and delivering value in the form of content to build trust and authority. Year-on-year, comparing the first 5 months of 2019 to the first five months of 2020 we have grown eCommerce revenue by 83%, conversion rate by 40% and traffic by 23%. Their Facebook and Google advertising consistently achieves an extremely high Return On Ad Spend. Since the start of 2020 we have achieved a Facebook ROAS of 57.25 ($57.25 for every $1 spent) and a Google advertising ROAS of 154.35 ($154.35 for every $1 spent). Our Easter Sale in 2020 (amidst COVID-19 restrictions) across all Facebook advertising campaigns achieved a ROAS of 65.49 ($65.49 for every $1 spent).

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