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Adventure Moto.

Adventure Moto is the leading retailer for Adventure Motorbike Touring in Australia. A niche of motorcyclists who enjoy riding around the Australian outback, taking their food, tents and gear on their bikes. Run by avid ADV rider Steve, they sell through two retail locations and an online eCommerce website.
They are the primary distributor for a number of world leading adventure riding brands that form the backbone of their product strategy. They also enjoy a strong following within the adventure community as the go-to place for all ADV gear.

Adventure Moto.

Adventure Moto's primary goal when engaging Devote Digital a number of years ago was to improve their digital footprint, evolving away from a Google Ads only approach and instead leveraging the opportunities of the full digital marketing toolkit. Following this, the goal has been to grow their range, manufacture their own products for unfilled niches, fund the opening of new retail locations and grow through the acquisition of other motorcycling brands. To do this Adventure Moto needs to profitably grow revenue and Return On Ad Spend to fuel their growth.

Adventure Moto.

When we started with Adventure Moto some years ago, we quickly saw 120% revenue growth year on year across eCommerce and retail. Growth presents its own unique challenges however, as many business owners can attest, and the constantly growing demand would at times outpace stock availability. Cash flow is required to be reinvested at great rates to maintain that growth and demand, and our digital marketing campaigns as a result must consistently produce a minimum of 10 to 1 ROAS ($10 return for every $1 spent) in order to maintain the profitability needed to fund growth.

Adventure Moto.

Since beginning with them we've significantly increased revenue to the point that Adventure Moto was able to open a new Brisbane store in 2018 and acquire two other motorcycle brands. We also significantly increased ROI on marketing campaigns. Google Ads was hovering around a 5 to 1 ROAS before we began, and it now sits between 15-25 ROAS depending on the season. The Facebook Ads we launched also sit at a solid 22 to 1 ROAS ($22 return for every $1 spent), a number we've grown from the initial 13 to 1 ROAS achieved in our earlier years. Through the use of the full suite of digital marketing tools we've grown the brand and their revenue allowing them to accelerate expansion.

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