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AMA Warehouse.

AMA Warehouse (Australia Motorcycle Accessories) are a motorcycle gear retailer with two physical locations and an online store. They cater to a wider range of the motorcycle market: road, motocross and adventure. Their primary competitive advantage is clearance prices on gear through bulk buying last seasons stock from motorcycle brands. Through negotiating to purchase surplus stock they can offer customers significant savings without destroying their margins.

AMA Warehouse.

AMA Warehouse's purpose is the deliver the best value for money and range to the Australian Motorcycle community. To achieve this they need to promote their products, putting significant emphasis on the unique discounts they run. Unlike brands that rely on evergreen star products to drive revenue, AMA needs to promote a series of often short-lived discounts.

AMA Warehouse.

The challenge for AMA lies in promoting products that aren't unique to the market, and which their competitors also stock and offer at competitive prices. Motorcycle accessories crowded market dominated by big players like MX Store. Being a retailer, margins are of course slim compared to direct manufacturers, so campaigns have to provide great ROAS to ensure bottom line profitability. The website was also an outdated Magento 1.x build that needed upgrading and migrating to a new Shopify Plus website development.

AMA Warehouse.

Through effective deployment of ad budget across Facebook and Google Ads along with recurring EDMs and email automations, monthly revenue was increased by over 350% since we began. We've increased Google Ads ROI from the 2-5 range ($2-$5 for ever $1 spent) to over 17 ($17 for every $1 spent). Facebook ROI has been increased from 5 when we started to 20+ with extensive cold campaigns allowing for scalability within Australia. We also re-designed their website, building them a custom Shopify Plus website and migrating them from Magento. The new Shopify Plus website development has given AMA the best website in the industry, allowing us to go toe to toe with other major competitors.

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