Devote Digital

Amy Stevens

A jack of all trades, Amy is an expert visual all-rounder. She can put pen to paper like no other thanks to her fine art and illustration qualifications, shutter to screen with her experience as a wedding photographer, and pixel to placement with her exceptional graphic design skills. She boils this all down to her keen sense of being able to tell what looks “alright”. Amy, we think “alright” translates to “bloody great”.

When she’s not bringing designs to life, shooting models, sketching illustrations or crafting the best looking food platter you’ve ever seen (honestly), she’s trading on the grey market of indoor plants. That’s right, a self confessed CIPPA (Crazy Indoor Plant Person Aka Lover of All Things Green), Amy knows more about growing pretty green things than we ever thought possible. As if she wasn’t already into enough things, she’s also an avid adventurer. She can be found hiking mountainous peaks, running marathons in inhuman conditions, or braving waterfalls for engagement shoots.

When we asked Amy what work she was most proud of at Devote, she sent us a few of her favourite EDMs. A typical example of her humility, Amy gives form to function. No matter what kind of brand she’s working with, motorcycle or handbag - Amy takes pride in anything visually appealing and consistently delivers new heights of quality for our partners.



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