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Daiwa is a global leader in the fishing tackle industry, originating in Japan. They rank #1 or #2 in the world for fishing brands, depending on the region. While we have primarily worked full-time with Daiwa Australia over recent years, we also work with both American Daiwa and Daiwa New Zealand on an ad-hoc basis across both Digital Marketing and Shopify website development projects. 


Daiwa's goal is to be the #1 fishing brand globally - not just in-terms of revenue, but also with regards to brand awareness, authority, and trust amongst the angling community to ensure they continue to inspire new generations of anglers. As one of the largest fishing brands a key priority is growing the fishing market, supporting dealers, and ensuring long-term sustainability of the industry.


Like most businesses, Daiwa have faced challenges on multiple fronts. Overall, the fishing industry was ageing and uptake of the hobby has not been growing, causing a gradual decline in market size and opportunity over the last 7 years. Despite a typically strong social media presence, the fishing industry as a whole have been slower to adapt to the modern marketing landscape to facilitate the growth needed. Running a lean local team, Daiwa required the external help of an end-to-end outsourced marketing team like Devote Digital, who would immerse themselves in their business and team to establish Daiwa as the digital marketing leader of the fishing industry in Australia.


Since Devote started with Daiwa a number years ago, they have seen phenomenal growth. This has of course strengthened our relationship with not only the Daiwa Australia team who we work with on a full-time and ever-growing basis, but also their international constituents in America, New Zealand, and Japan. Now employing a number of skilled in-house content creators and anglers, Daiwa and Devote work closely to continue developing and launching a number of new marketing systems to meet business goals. Daiwa really values Devote Digital's speed to market, knowledge, teamwork and strategic guidance across all facets of digital marketing and Shopify development. In the initial months with Daiwa, traditional advertising costs were trimmed down and more targeted online promotions were launched. In particular, product launches were highly refined to let anglers know not only what was launching but why they should buy. Daiwa monitored and compared digital with non-digital campaigns, and quickly saw significant revenue and market share growth after implementing digital campaigns for their product launches. We have also increased our support of Daiwa's dealer network, establishing stronger ties and assisting with their campaigns to strengthen their B2B business and dealer relationships. Devote Digital was also engaged for a complete website re-design and Shopify website development, before migrating Daiwa from Wordpress to Shopify. This has resulted in a fantastic refresh of the brands online presence, as well as an improved user experience with better product pages making marketing campaigns more effective and product information easier to consume.

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