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Digital Marketing for Shopify Stores

Why Shopify?

There’s a good reason that Shopify is the world’s fastest growing eCommerce platform and with over 370,000 eCommerce stores being powered by Shopify, it’s easy to see why Shopify has an exponential growth trajectory.

Setting up a website is a headache that no business owner wants to deal with, Shopify makes the process of creating a website absolutely seamless. With already beautiful designed themes right out of the box and the option to customise your own theme, the design possibilities are endless. One of the most important factors in the all-important Google’s organic ranking algorithm is website page speed. Every extra second a customer waits for a page to load is an extra second that customer could bounce. Shopify provides an all-in-one ultra fast, out of the box solution. With Shopify stores there’s no need to run complex code audits to try to optimise page speed, it’s already fully optimised to be lightning fast, and SEO ready, right out of the box.

Gone are the days of having to install custom SEO plugins that are complex and hard to understand, Shopify utilises their very own built-in SEO options that couldn’t be any simpler. Easily customise your meta title and meta description at a page level and a site-wide level. With any eCommerce website, arguably the most important thing is website security and the beautiful thing about Shopify is you don’t have to worry about any security issues. All Shopify websites is fully SSL certified without any additional work on your end.
If you’re wondering if you’re going to be somewhat limited as to what you can do in Shopify, great news, you’re not. If Shopify doesn’t have a feature built into its native functionality, there’s probably an app already built for it, which you can install with just the click of a couple of buttons. There’s a huge range of apps designed for a huge range of eCommerce stores and if there isn’t an app already built for it, it’s not worth having.

Shopify and Digital Marketing?

It’s almost as though Shopify was made by marketers. There isn’t any other eCommerce platform that makes marketing any easier. With all the technical stuff taken care of by Shopify, you can be left to focus on the important thing – making money! Shopify seamlessly integrates with all the major marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and even Facebook. Setting up this integration with any marketplace is only a few clicks of the mouse.

Want to integrate with PayPal, Square or any of the other major payment gateways? Shopify has you covered. With integrations to some of the best email marketing software such as Dotmailer & Klavyio, you can make sure every email lead that you get is fully nurtured all the way from beginning to end.