Devote Digital

Elizabeth Oh

Liz keeps us all in line, gets us to team lunches to time and doesn’t take any nonsense. A classic digital marketer, she shh’d us when we asked what she loved about her job, made a few more clicks then told us plainly that she just loves watching numbers go up. Convenient, because Liz’s numbers have a sneaky habit of going up. She’s particularly proud of her numerous successful nationwide sale & launch campaigns for both Louenhide and FitazFk.

When she isn’t watching her numbers go up, the comments roll in or attending photoshoots with puppies, she’s singing a little too loudly in private to K-Pop, shedding tears over Korean TV dramas, napping, occasionally regretting alcohol consumption and perfecting her winged eyeliner technique. If you were wondering, she can do it in under 10 seconds. No, she won’t tell us how.

With clear cut direction and a great sense of intuition for her clients, Liz summarises herself in three words: “I’m always right”.

You know what? We aren’t going to argue!


Feel free to reach out (even if its just to say hi)