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FitazFK originated in 2012 as an online sensation servicing 1000's of people worldwide wide with their 28 day fitness guide. Those origins have lead to the release of many more guides for men and women including the 8-week guide and equipment bundle. They’ve helped over 75,000 people worldwide achieve their fitness and nutrition goals to-date!
Since this success, they have launched their very own FitazFK Gym in our hometown of Brisbane, QLD. The next frontier for FitazFK? Fitness apparel!
After successfully managing and growing their social media following on their own, and having dabbling in the world of paid advertising themselves, they hit a wall on what they were able to achieve. They needed a marketing partner with the technical skills and strategic ideas to work alongside their team to grow the business and launch their very first Wear Fitazfk fitness apparel collection, as well as increase awareness and sales of their upcoming global 8 Week Challenge. 
The client needed us to come up with a strategy to launch their new activewear brand and achieve the following:  Increase revenue & business growth Improve website and eCommerce Conversion Rate Create cohesive brand look and feel
We came on board with Fitazfk with a very short lead time to launch their new Wear FitazFK activewear collection. We started prepping for the launch by designing and creating branding for print and digital assets. We also jumped straight into conversion rate optimisation, making small changes to the website that would have a huge impact to the eCommerce conversion rate.  After the audience warming phase, we launched the Wear Fitazfk collection with great success and it was their BIGGEST day of the year! Since then, we went on to launch two worldwide 8 Week Challenges for them, both of which also hit record breaking results. In between these launches, we worked with them to improve on business processes and strategic planning for the future as well as building out a website with an epic user experience and functionality with a complete home page and product page re-design and development on Shopify. 
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FitazFK Converion Rate

eCommerce Conversion Rate up 140% year on year

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Record-breaking sales days: 5

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