Devote Digital

James Gridley

James wasn’t born, he was coded into being. Our man in the matrix, James’ skills resonate with the webmasters of old - and the technology of today. Managing our team of web developers, James is responsible for everything from UX improvements to entire website builds.
A true problem solver, James is motivated by being presented with a problem and finding a tangible solution that satisfies everyone, especially our partners! An organised, solution-focused guy, James is perfect for his role.

When James isn’t putting out website fires, migrating entire sites, building market-leading functions from the ground up or telling a bad joke, he’s enjoying time at home with his wife and dogs, watching sport or gaming.

Rather unusually, James is a triplet. There’s a secret theory that if you find all three Gridley’s, you possess the Digital Trinity. We’re in active negotiation, trying to track down the rest of his pack so we can pursue the legend and complete the team.


Feel free to reach out (even if its just to say hi)