Devote Digital

Kahlee Andrews

One of Devote’s most difficult tasks yet was to try and distill everything about our fearless beekeeping, spearfishing, freediving, horse riding, pottery making, indoor plant lover of a leader in to a string of sentences that did her justice.

Kahlee laid down the bedrock of Devote Digital when she realised that agencies just weren’t cutting it. Businesses needed a marketing team of their own, a partnership - not an agency on a bloated, lock in contract. Kahlee’s vision was one of a hybrid team, a fully staffed agency that would integrate with its partners, learn their goals and smash their records. Almost three years later, here we are!

A uniquely talented leader, Kahlee can formulate an all-encompassing big picture strategy, and execute every minute detail with surgical precision. She lives and breathes digital marketing. Some say that her phone has never once been turned off, and her laptop has never known a flat battery. All we know is, she’s always ahead of the game. She leads our team through the ever-changing landscape of the digital world, sidestepping speed bumps and never accepting ‘good enough’ in the pursuit of great results.

Kahlee is also kinda cool, we guess. She has more hobbies than any other person alive, spanning from beekeeping (we love her honey) to long distance sailing (when are you taking us out?). Bewildered by her ability to achieve more than the average human in just 24 hours, we're still looking for her secret time machine.


Feel free to reach out (even if its just to say hi)