Devote Digital

Kevin Spielberg-Nguyen

Kevin is our in-house visionary. A director/videographer who brings our partners products, offers and values to stunning visual fruition. Kevin takes the time to learn about a product before he shoots it, and his understanding of subjects leads to a seriously good finished product. Just as capable of pulling off a feature length masterpiece (move over Scorsese, Nguyen is here), as he is crafting a punchy promotional video perfected for driving conversions. Kevin is no stranger to shooting short films that jerk tears and spark joy, and also moonlights in the music industry - creating breathtaking music videos for up and coming artists.

Kevin has won more awards than we think is fair for someone of his age, and he’s not just a one trick pony. A formidable League of Legends veteran, who pwns n00bs while contemplating the direction of his next visual masterpiece.

When we asked Kevin what he was most proud during his time at Devote, he told us that he’s loved everything. Nice suck up Kevin, but we know you were particularly proud of your Louenhide and Brisbane Smiles shoots! We also know that the steak you ate on a recent full-day shoot for Ozpig Wood-fired Stoves was a ‘career highlight’.


Feel free to reach out (even if its just to say hi)