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Nearly fourteen years ago, Louenhide evolved from Brisbane Queensland, quickly becoming a favourite accessories brand to many. The team, headed up by successful duo Lou Kendall and Heidi Bailey, are passionate about designing and creating beautiful handbags and accessories that are accessible to every woman, every day.


Having dabbled in Facebook advertising, Google advertising, and managing their social media themselves, they hit a ceiling on what they were able to achieve. Louenhide needed an end-to-end marketing partner with: The business skills to direct from a strategic level to grow revenue at a B2B and B2C level; The technical skills to increase business revenue using digital marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and Email; The design abilities to evolve and refine the brand's style guidelines; and The content creation abilities, to bring high quality photography and videography into their marketing mix


The client had 3 main objectives: Increase eCommerce revenue by 40% Increase bi-annual end of season Warehouse Sale revenue by 25% Increase brand awareness  Evolve the look and feel of the brand 


Devote Digital launched and promoted four seasonal Louenhide collections, including two Spring/Summer collections and two Autumn/Winter collections. Each collection launch involved a detailed process of designing and updating assets across all channels (email, social media, paid advertising, website) to suit the new look and feel of the upcoming season’s brief - the catalogues were also designed by Devote's design team. To support each collection launch we held various content production days, working with both Louenhide and models or influencers who we scouted to capture image and video content that would be used for the the upcoming season across both print and digital media.  In addition to prepping for each new season, Devote coordinated the strategic plan required to grow the clients social media following and email database, to support the objective of increasing revenue and eCommerce conversion rate. Growing Louenhide's email database and sending bi-weekly email campaigns, in addition to automated email campaigns through Klaviyo, formed the core of the messaging to launch each week across all other paid and organic digital channels. Email quickly became the prominent revenue channel for Louenhide, around which all campaigns revolved.

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