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My Custom Car.

MyCustomCar are an eCommerce focused subsidiary of Sperling Enterprises, who also sell into big box retail chains Big W and Supercheap Auto. They create high quality custom seat covers from people's choice of over 40 materials to exactly fit their specific model of car. They also market custom fit floor mats. A step up from universal seat covers and a quality alternative to brands like Black Duck at a fraction of the price, MyCustomCar have quickly gained popularity in family, tradie and off-road markets.

My Custom Car.

Previously employing the services of another agency, MyCustomCar had grown revenue with significant Google Ads spend. They had not successfully run advertising on other platforms, relying primarily on paid Google Search Ads. Without the ability to diversify their marketing mix, growth had stagnated and their Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) was hovering around the low 2s, creating turnover but not the profit needed to grow. Custom seat covers are intensive and complex to create, requiring trained staff at their Sydney facility and machinery. In order to continue to grow and provide quality, affordable products, ROAS needed to be improved and scale achieved to increase profitability.

My Custom Car.

Three primary challenges faced MyCustomCar Reduce wasted ad spend where possible Improve ROAS to increase profitability Scale overall revenue by leveraging a full suite of digital marketing channels Challenges were amplified by having limited brand awareness, no active social media accounts, no active email marketing, and a form-based checkout system rather than individual products which could be optimised. With only a couple of large competitors running online advertising well, it would be up to us to synthesise new strategies to achieve their goals and be seen as the market leader.

My Custom Car.

With Google Search Ads being the primary established channel we set about immediately reducing wasted spend to increase returns by breaking out budgets, killing poor performing campaigns/keywords, reworking targeting, and reworking copy. We then quickly moved into leveraging additional Google Ads channels, launching new Google Shopping campaigns, Google Display Remarketing and YouTube Video Ads. Digital marketing is not a one platform game. All elements work together and customers are exposed to various touch points across their customer journey before reaching a final purchasing decision. We launched an extensive Facebook Remarketing campaign, customised to what consumers were looking at in addition to their interest groups. For creative content, we ran photo and video shoots to curate the digital content needed to best promote the brand. Together, this allowed us to significantly improve conversion rate on the site while drastically improving returns across all platforms. We also ran brand building giveaways and promotions to build out our email marketing list and increase awareness to top up the Top Of Funnel traffic. MyCustomCar is now at the point where people will remember them, with all channels now snowballing to generate phenomenal and consistent growth and ROAS Year On Year.

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