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A home grown Aussie brand, producers of portable woodfired stoves that look a little bit like cute metal pigs. You’ll find their products in the likes of BCF, Tentworld, BBQs Galore and any decent camp store. Originally a single product brand geared towards camping, since engaging Devote Digital Ozpig have spread their wings and filled niches in both the home entertainment and remote travel markets. 

Based in QLD, Ozpig distributes their product range internationally. In Australia, direct to consumer sales take place on their website while an unwavering commitment stands true to their dealership network. Ozpig products form a relationship with their owners, resulting in an incredibly loyal following. Ozpig lovers unite across the globe for real heat, real fire and real flavour.


Our work with Ozpig has been all-encompassing to say the least! Before digital marketing could be put on the hotplate, the brand needed to be reimagined, consolidated and communicated. With new and exciting products ready to land in both new and old markets, we embarked on a journey with Ozpig to create assets & content from product packaging, to POS pamphlets, instruction manuals... to our more typical digital ads! Notably, the launch of the Big Pig to BBQs Galore required product photography, B2B nd B2C videography, packaging, handbooks, influencer sourcing, recipe books, posters, POS material, international distribution proposals, website landing pages, a pre-sale launch campaign, post-launch campaign and more. With Ozpig, Devote Digital has been able to flex a few muscles we don’t always get to flex with just as much print material as digital material required!


You’ll find a number of challenges with any brand, but one of Ozpig’s greatest challenges was that the market was just getting faster, fuller and louder. Having pulled back from advertising in recent years while many lesser quality, lower cost competitor products entered the market there was ground to cover - and cover it quickly we did. Ozpig’s greatest strength isn’t just their product, but the community that grows around it. Using the loyalty, engagement and good nature of Ozpig’s community (including their 6,000+ member Facebook group which receives 20+ posts per day!) we were able to truly distill the essence of the brand, leveraging both User Generated Content (UGC) from the community as well as our professionally curated content to fuel the fires of our brand awareness strategies. Selling a product can be tough - but helping an international network of dealers sell a product is another game entirely! To help Ozpig’s dealer network, we designed regionally appropriate packaging, content, guides and detailed instructions for the launch of their new product ranges and re-launch of existing products.


Ozpig is once again a well-known and formidable player in their space after we successfully partnered to launch various new products both B2C and with big box brands BCF and Barbeques Galore. Our efforts on branding, content and collateral put Ozpig into the ultimate position for success when our digital campaigns launched their new product range. With a number of new retailers on board, improved website performance and dramatically improved traffic, there’s plenty of fuel in this fire to keep everyone warm for years to come.

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