Devote Digital

Romiel Sagadal

Another technical genius in our ranks, Rom can do just about anything with 0’s and 1’s to create nothing short of digital magic. He may be a tried & true Shopify expert but Rom can jump in to just about any CMS and convince it to do what he needs. His passion for development comes from the nature of it, that things are always changing, improving and updating. This means that a self-starter like Rom is constantly learning, receiving more mental software updates than most iOS devices!

Rom rides a motorbike, and one of his favourite things to do outside of work is explore new places with it. It’s no surprise then that some of his favourite accomplishments in the office have been website builds and feature constructs for AMA Warehouse and REV’IT! Australia! Rom always finds a way to learn something new, no matter what the project.


Feel free to reach out (even if its just to say hi)