Devote Digital

Ryan Regencia

Ry is an incredibly talented graphic designer. He single handedly designed the all new AMA Warehouse website, can finish multiple seasons of TV shows in one day, and is also an exceptional illustrator. Ry really focuses on the look and feel of a brand when he designs something for them, meaning that his designs are always so on-brand that we’re somehow more and more impressed every time!

Ry even takes our hideous requests like “make the black darker” and “make the white lighter” on the chin and manages to work visual magic. We don’t know how he does it, but dang we love him for it.

In his spare time, Ry creates masterpieces by hand using oil on canvas. No, that’s a joke - but we wouldn’t be surprised. He loves to unwind with a game (he can hit WASD without looking) and consume potatoes.


Feel free to reach out (even if its just to say hi)